I wanted to remind all of you that there are 84 days left in this year. If you made goals for this year, it might be a good time to dust them off and see where you are and explore your thoughts and feelings about what you have created. What I’d like to offer you today is the notion that how you feel about your results, determines how you move forward in the next 84 days. Let’s say you had a health goal to lose 25 pounds this year and you have lost 8 pounds so far, how you decide to think and feel about this will create the result for these next 3 months.

If you feel discouraged or frustrated by the current result, you will stall out and not move forward. What I encourage you to do instead is not to dwell in this negative emotion too long as it has no good purpose. Instead, find the emotion that is going to bring you the result, or at least get you closer to it. I, for example, am choosing to feel ‘inspired’ and ‘unstoppable’ as it relates to my financial goals, and I am working on finding the thoughts that will create these emotions inside of me. 

If you are feeling negatively about a goal that maybe you forgot about, or did not achieve, there is not utility in beating yourself up about it. Instead, explore what held you back in a compassionate and curious way- much like you would with a friend or family member- and attempt to turn that obstacle into a strategy. You can also take  action steps in the next three months to move you closer. Maybe you drink more water, maybe you sign up for some exercise classes, or maybe you make a savings and spending plan.

This is also a fantastic time to take action on your health goals as the holiday season is fast approaching. Think of how much you can create in 84 days instead of thinking that the year is almost over. Either way, you are right so I suggest choosing the thoughts and feelings that move you closer to the ultimate goal for the remainder of the year. Either way I think you are amazing and would love to support you in any way possible so do not hesitate to reach out. Let’s rock out these last 3 months of the year.

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