Established in 1894, Labor Day pays tribute to the achievements and dedication of American workers. Fast forward 125 years, and for many of us today, it signals the end of wearing white shorts, going to the pool, and the end of summer in general.

It is a day off to spend with family and use that grill one last time. However, if one peeks not too far ahead, there’s a new season filled with colder nights, fall colors, seasonal holidays, and even new opportunities.

But in the spirit of thinking about Labor Day, I want to remind you that your purpose in life does not have to be the job you do, rather who you get to BE at that job. 

Many of my clients are looking for their purpose in a very important job title, career, or promotion. They wait years to get there and they feel as if they can’t start living fully until they achieve this important milestone.

I tell them, and I am telling you, that one’s purpose, the reason for living, is not an outside job, but rather is an internal one.

Consider that your purpose is who you are being right now – in this very moment, even when you are NOT at work. 

My purpose is to be a change artist and inspire transformation. I do this now as a personal coach, but looking back, I have always done this whether it’s being an informal counsel for my friends and family, as a social worker at an inpatient psychiatric unit or as a therapist. Coaching is a natural extension of who I am, but I didn’t wait decades to help people as a coach, but instead, I helped many along the way. 

I can do that anywhere. I try to do it with my own children, with my partner, and today at my barbeque with my family.

I want to inspire you to do this now too. Your purpose is who you are being, so you don’t have to wait. Be that person in this moment, whether you are by yourself, with family, friends, or all of the above. 

The fun part is you get to choose what your purpose is. You don’t have to have a parent or boss do it for you.

Even if you don’t like your work environment, your employer, your co-workers, you get to BE you and fulfill whatever purpose you establish for yourself without needing anyone else’s permission.

Don’t wait. BE that person today and again at work on Tuesday.

I salute you, your hard work, your dedication, the long hours you put in when no one is looking. 

Give yourself the recognition you would like to hear from your employer.

I know the stress, the energy, the sacrifices you make in order to have a good income to provide for your family. 

I hear about all the late nights on your laptop, the trips spent away from your loved ones, and the early mornings when you would rather stay in bed.

Give yourself some recognition today. Don’t wait for it, and don’t wait to live out your unique purpose. 

You are the best person for that job.

Enjoy your day off!

Happy Labor Day!

Your fellow change artist,

Melanie Shmois

Personal Coach for high performers

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