“You should be the #1 thing you spend your money on” ~K. Cease
I wanted to let all of you know that I am on a mission. A passionate mission to encourage everyone who wants to evolve into the best version of themselves to act on it. To invest in themselves!  To stop wanting it and start doing it. Is there anything more valuable? Is there anything better to spend your money on? Beer? Clothes? Cars?
How about investing in you? Your mental health. Your self-development. Your well-being and a commitment to living the most fulfilling life possible. Live life with purpose.

When you do invest in you,  you feel rejuvenated, energized, passionate, and in control of your life.

This makes for better relationships with less resentment and an ability to manage stressful situations with ease. You lose weight, you learn to live with anxiety, stress, and have more love in your life. You drink less. You love more. The investment pays off.
I recognize that evolving is hard and uncomfortable. But that discomfort is necessary and WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. Also, when you invest in yourself, you make that money back ten-fold. When you buy something disposable, you just have to keep buying more of it.
A coach doesn’t buy into your limited thinking and will show you how to manage difficult emotions when you commit to doing the hard work.
I believe investing in your mental health is the most important thing. Even in front of your physical health, which I also spend a lot of money on. If you don’t have your mental health, you don’t want, or are able to do the rest.
I have a coach, I am a coach, and I will always invest in myself. I don’t sell coaching packages. I sell you on you.
Are you in?
I have two spots left for mini-sessions this month, grab yours here.
Also, I was a guest on WKYC’s program, The Weekly Pulse, here is the clip if you would like to see me live.
Have a great day everyone! As always, don’t forget to train your mind as hard as you train your body to feel better.



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