“If you don’t have time why are you blaming it?” ~Grant Cardone

As I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over my career, one of the main obstacles they present when wanting to make a change is that there “is never enough time”. Inevitably during our work, we discover that there are areas where they are losing time. Consequently, I want to offer a partial list to you to see if you engage in any of these time killers. Once you identify one of them, you can then work on a plan to eliminate this from your life and thus opening up more time to create what you really want.

Here are some main ways we cost ourselves time:



*People Pleasing

*Escaping emotion/buffering


*Self-criticism & criticizing others




If you deliberately ditch a few of these, then you’ll be amazed by how much time you will have left.

This year, I vow to ditch regret and people pleasing.

Regretting has no upside. Many people believe that you must live in regret to stop or overcome a behavior that is wrong or that you are not proud of. However, you can drop the regret and still commit to not engaging in this behavior.

People pleasing also has no benefit. When we lie and say yes to someone else and no to ourselves, we cost ourselves our own time. We find ourselves going to or doing something that is not in line with what we want, which can also lead to more regret and upset, leaving little time to do what we really want and need to do.

If you are looking to make more time in your busy schedule, consider ditching a few from the list above and see how much time you get back!

You an approach time as something you spend, or something you create. Stay with me, and let’s create more of it.

Also, I’m glad to announce that Life Lounge was such a hit that I have decided to bring it back during the month of January. Current participants are creating aligned goals for 2019, vision boards, 3 -year, 1 year, and 90- day blueprints to take their lives to the next level and coach through all the obstacles along the way.

The Life Lounge is a sacred space for you to come in-person or on a video conference call- to learn how to take control over the direction of your life so that you can move towards what you really want to accomplish. In the meantime, I also want to teach you how to find fulfillment until you get there. 

Life Lounge-Sacred Hour Coaching Sessions

If you want to take part in this transformational journey to lose weight, make more money, conquer the job goal you’ve been putting off, or just find some peace and happiness then don’t delay as only a few spots remain. This is an AMAZING way to start 2019.

Let’s do something EPIC together this year!

Are you in?

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