When setting a new goal, most of us will look to our past for evidence to see if we can accomplish it.  If it is something new like starting a business, entering a new relationship, or losing weight permanently, we may have little to no evidence that that we can create it and, as a result, our brain will likely fill up with thoughts that create doubt, fear, and confusion. Worst yet, if we have attempted it before and have not been successful, our brain will likely talk us out of it immediately because it has, as a reference, evidence that we cannot succeed. 

What I want to offer you is that this line of thinking is very useful in an area of your life where you want to keep repeating your past, but it’s detrimental if you don’t want to. Remember, what you currently believe is based on our past. Our thoughts create our results. If we do nothing and run on default thinking, our past beliefs will continue to create the same results

If you want to create something new, then you have to re-direct your brain away from the past and into the future to create something that doesn’t exist in your past. For many of us this is very challenging because it requires more mental effort. We have to be more conscious of our thinking to re-direct it positively. It also requires us to be creative and have faith in our new belief system. Our brain would rather just go to our past to find the answer that is already there. 

I ask my clients to strongly consider an area of their life where they don’t want to repeat the past. Once we have clarity around this, we take a ride in their time machine. We go to the future which is a vast horizon, a blank slate or canvas and we start creating. 

Let’s say my client wants to workout consistently, so we journey forward 2 years to where they find themselves hitting the gym or taking a class 5 days a week. I have my client really visualize what they would look like, feel like, act like in this future version of themselves. In this future, reality there is no longer a negotiation when it comes to workout times. They just go. As a result, they have become the person who works out regularly, and we then spend time tapping into those beliefs that get them out the door with ease. 

Re-direct your mind from the past to see if you can accomplish your goal

For many of us, this is a very challenging mental exercise because it is so unfamiliar and difficult to consider. Our old beliefs really resist new realities and most of us just keep repeating our past.One helpful tool is to go to your future self who has overcome many of the obstacles facing you now, and is in a calmer more grounded place, and ask him/her: How did you do it?

How did you go to the gym all those days without a tremendous struggle? How did you eat healthy the majority of the time with all the other temptations around? How did learn to trust again in that new relationship? How did you overcome all that fear and start that business? Really take time to consider what those answers might be and write them down.

Finally, tap into that thinking, feeling, and action NOW and practice it daily. In no time you will become successful in your goal because you have accepted and practiced so much that it became effortless and ingrained.

If you need help creating and, most importantly, believing in your new visions of yourself, schedule a consultation call with me. We will go into the future and create something new together. Don’t wait, few spots remain:  http://bit.ly/2rD8YZk/


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