“Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want”-A.Cohen

It is all too common that many of us are not happy where we are right now. We wish we were further along in our career, in our business pursuit, or in an athletic goal. We open up Instagram and see someone who possess something we want, and we crumble. 

What I strongly encourage you to and insist that my clients embody is the fundamental belief that you are good enough right here and right now. At this income level, at this weight, at this stage in your business. If you can’t embody being good enough now, you are going to chase that feeling your whole life, and it will be exhausting because you will always be chasing it.

Listen, there will always be another level of you. You will learn lessons this year that contribute to you being more confident, wiser, and more mature -so enjoy this level, this moment as is. This will be the only time you experience these feelings in your life. Honor them. 

I remind myself that there is a special place for all of us in this world, and there is always someone who wants to be where I am right now. There will also always be another level that I can rise up to, but there is no rush if I am able to embody feeling enough in this moment in time.

How I see it is that you have two simple choices. 

1). You can claim that you are enough right now in this moment 


2). You can focus on what you are missing, or what is not right.

The feelings that these two beliefs create are drastically different. The first creates a feeling and a deep knowing of sufficiency that can help attract more abundance, and the latter creates a feeling of insufficiency which can attract more lack. 

Claim that you are good enough today!

Claim that you are good enough today AS IS. Just because you are here. Because you have helped people. Because of the courage it took to get through everything you have been through in your life. Because the world needs all of us. 

Every person on this planet needs a next level, so be an example of being happy at this level. Don’t exhaust yourself wishing you were somewhere else than here. You can still have big goals and be actively working on getting out of your comfort zone while honoring where you are at in this moment.

What if you truly knew you were enough in this moment? Consider how you would feel and what you might do if you did. I don’t think you would regret it.

If you want to stop chasing this feeling of being good enough or know someone who does, please share this blog or consider scheduling a sacred hour with me to discuss how coaching could change your life.

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