Time is what we want most, but what we use worst~ William Penn

Time is the most valuable asset we possess. It is something we can never get back. Last week, we explored ways that we can cost ourselves time. As a reminder, some of those time wasters include: overwhelm, worry, people pleasing, regret, confusion, escape/buffering activities, indecision, self-criticism & judging others to name a few.

In today’s blog, I want to explore ways we can make time for ourselves. Once you have reduced some of the main offenders from above, it can help to work on these items to create even more time for yourself:

*Saying NO more often



*Honoring your plan

*Making decisions and not looking back

*Being willing to fail

Let’s start with saying NO more often. For years I struggled with saying NO, and it cost me so much time. People ask me to do things for them all of the time, and sometimes I say NO. I have learned that I don’t have to take responsibility for how others feel and if they are upset or disappointed it is ok. I can only take full responsibility for how I feel.

Constraint is a huge time saver and creator. As it pertains to goals, I encourage all of you to focus on one big goal at a time to eliminate dabbling in many without making any forward progress in any of them. I also encourage you to limit the authors, the articles, the publications you read and subscribe to. We have all the information in the world at our finger tips, which is amazing, but it can lead to losing so much time reading others content and not creating or working on our own goals.

Planning may be the best time saver and creator out there. It is so useful to plan the amount of time something will take and give yourself only that time to get it done. When you have a big goal, it is so crucial to take the time to plan out each step of the goal including time in order to learn. Put all those steps deliberately on your calendar and stick to it no matter what! You must honor your plan and have the discipline to do the tasks on the calendar even when you don’t feel like it! Just like a workout that you sign up for ahead of time, sometimes you don’t feel like going but you go anyway. Honor your plan!

Another area that I have seen so many of my clients excel in is pushing past indecision by making a commitment to not look back after they’ve made a major decision. Don’t torture yourself by overanalyzing a decision that you made. If you like your reason for making the decision, decide right here that it is the right one for you and move forward.

Finally, be willing to fail. I know this goes against how many of us were raised and what we learned in school, but I am here to tell you being willing to fail will bring you so much success. Being willing to fail helps us not get lost in indecision and perfectionism. It helps us create momentum and we learn what works and what doesn’t because we are willing to try. I also teach my clients not to make failing mean anything negative about themselves. We learn through failure and we lose out when we live in indecision, perfectionism and often times get paralyzed in analysis. Try it, see what works and what doesn’t and keep going!!!!!

I hope this mini-series on time wasting and creating has been helpful. If I can help you go deeper in this area, or any other area discussed in these weekly blogs, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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