If I could take away your over-desire for Halloween candy, would you let me?

How about for cocktails? Holiday cookies? Online spending?

Would you want to NOT want it so much?

Whatever your answer, get curious as to why or why not.

Without over-desire, saying no is so much easier.

Being in control of how much you consume is no big deal.

Having just a few is totally fine.

I know that I am over-desiring something when I feel compulsive around it. Impulsive even.

What if there was another way? Another way to deal with your desire?

Think about that guy, or that girl that you couldn’t stop thinking about years ago and now you can’t remember their name. What changed? Most likely it wasn’t them, right?

It was your attitude, your thoughts that did.

What I want you to know is that desire is the emotion of wanting, or yearning, that YOU create. We all create it with our thinking.

Halloween candy, cocktails, cookies, these are all simply neutral molecules in a wrapper, in a bottle, or in a warehouse somewhere that can’t have a hold on us until we have thoughts about them.

Thoughts like, oh that will taste sooooo good. Or that will take the edge off after a long day. Or that will make me feel amazing. Our thoughts create the desire, not the objects themselves.

If you want to limit, or stop doing anything that seems out of control, or gives your result you don’t like, the best place to start with working on your over-desire for it.

The good news is, if you can create it, you can dismantle it, by supervising and directing your brain.

I can teach you how. I have quit social smoking, soda addiction, over eating, and over drinking. I know how to allow my urges without giving in and I can show you how too. It is total freedom and I want you to experience it too.

The first step is just knowing that desire is an emotion caused by your thoughts. This is the best news I have because you in charge of your thinking.

I can walk by Halloween candy and not have any, or just a few without struggle.

We will continue this 3- part blog series next week on over-desire, and then we’ll end with over-hunger.

If you want to take a deep dive into this thought work and lose weight during the holidays, I have 3 spots left for my ‘Weight Is Over’ (pun intended) Masterclass. We take this work and apply it directly to your life so you can lose weight, and keep it off permanently, or tackle any vice you may have that is holding you back in some way.

Send an email to: mealnieshmois@gmail.com with subject line: Sign-me up to learn more. Mindyourstrength.com

Happy Halloween Everyone!












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