Being disconnected from our bodies can cause us to overeat. This estrangement from our bodies is what can cause us to gain large amounts of weight without noticing. Interestingly enough this same disconnection can exist with exercise especially exercise that is fueled by fear and obsession.

Many of my clients have dirty secrets when it comes to exercise. I did too. Instead of using exercise as an amazing gift to connect to your body and move in a way that is healthy, many of us use it as a tool to punish/make-up for overeating, to lose weight quickly, or to combat a fear of gaining weight. Essentially, we try to “take” what we can get from exercise rather than view it as a “gift” we give ourselves.

 When we are in the mode of taking from exercise, we typically engage in workouts that we don’t enjoy, that are painful, and ultimately, we don’t stick with it. Many clients get so discouraged when they sign up for several hard-core workouts a week and don’t see the scale budging and ultimately quit. So, forget exercise to lose weight! I mean it.  Don’t go for the fat loss for you will be disappointed. I once trained and ran a half-marathon and still managed to gain weight. Of course, weight loss is derived through 80-90% fuel eating and only 10-20% through exercise. Working out shouldn’t be used for weight loss but for the pleasure it provides in and of itself.

If you are someone that has been using exercise in an obsessive way, motivated by fear of gaining weight, at the expense of your own social life, or in a way that sometimes hurts your body, know that that obsession is a habit it is own right and can be undone. The goal is to stop fighting against your body. Rather, try living in cooperation with it. You want to develop a tight and intimate relationship with your body, so that you have very little desire to mistreat it.

What I recommend instead is to find an exercise that you love, something that will entice you to stick with it. Yoga alone in your basement, long walks with your dog, that spin class with killer music. There are so many options now, try them out and find that one that feeds your mind, body, and soul. The best result you can get from working out is the development of a habit you can use to connect with your body and relieve stress.

 Give yourself the gift of exercise and take what you need from coaching to develop that amazing relationship with body and with food. I can teach you how to deal with your emotions without turning to food or obsessive exercise. This will naturally lend itself to permanent weight loss and consistent exercise for the right reason. To learn more go to:





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