Before I knew how to train my mind to get the results I wanted in my life, I remember hearing someone pose the question: “Do you want to be thin or do you want to be happy?”. I was working out in my basement at the time, feeling super upset about my weight and this question stopped me dead in my tracks.  It was as if my brain couldn’t even process the question because for so long I had believed that they were one in the same. When I would get to my goal weight, then I would be happy. Intellectually, I understood that many people who were thin, were not always happy, but this statement really helped me explore a deep-rooted belief system that, for me, thinness did equal happiness.

What I have come to understand is that happiness is an inside job. All of our emotions are created in our minds, not by external achievements, but by our thinking. Your thin is in your thinking. Your thinness does not make you happy, your thoughts do.

The world around us would have us believe otherwise. They want us to chase the brand-new car, the fancy in-home gym equipment, the trendy new purse to make us happy. It sells and leaves us chasing and yearning for more. When we are upset, we have to go outside of ourselves to buy something, or work on something to get some relief. What I want to teach you is that you can be happy right now by thinking thoughts that create happiness. You don’t have to go anywhere but your own mind to create it.

Knowing how to create positive emotions like excitement, determination, and happiness are a requirement of losing weight in the first place. We can’t wait to feel those emotions when we get the goal, but rather, we have to feel it beforehand. We have to believe that we are capable of doing before we actually do it. We need to know how to create the high-octane feelings to propel us into action to get the job done. We actually have to feel the feeling we believe we will feel when we achieve this goal NOW, before we actually achieve it in the future.

Conversely, we also need to know how to manage our mind when negative emotion comes up. Discouragement, self-doubt, and worry are weight loss killers if you don’t know where they come from and how to manage them when they do arise. These negative emotions are part of any weight loss journey and don’t have to stop you unless you let them.

The reason you want to lose weight, get that promotion, make the sale is because you think it will make you feel something good. That feeling is available now if you know how to create it. I promise you, if you are not happy now and you get to your goal weight, you will continue to find reasons to be unhappy with yourself and your body.

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