One of the most effective ways to grow personally or professionally is to surround yourself with people who have achieved greater success than you in a particular area where you want to excel. 

Let’s say you want to significantly improve your business revenues, it can be very helpful to be part of a group or have a mentor whose business far exceeds your current revenue goals. Same can hold true for hiring a personal trainer or weight loss coach who has achieved the result that you desire. 

When you surround yourself with people who have achieved the kind of success you are looking for, there is a tendency to calibrate to them.We end up synching up to their excellence. Why? Because we are exposed to their mindset, their habits, their energy, and most importantly their example that shows what you want is possible. Many of us can have an attitude that “If they can have it, why can’t I?” If you spend enough time with this coach, mentor, or group then you understand their thought patterns, and often you can learn from their mistakes and shorten your growth period.

Calibrate to highly successful people

What is not helpful is to judge yourself and make it mean that something is wrong with you when you are in a group of successful people. Jealousy can consume you with this mindset and you may miss out on valuable insights from these mentors. I worked with a client this week who felt insecure and uneasy when she was at a convention beside 7 figure earners. We changed the narrative to one of insecurity to one where the universe put these successful people in her path to calibrate to. This changed everything. I also told her that if she was busy judging them and feeling bad around them, there was no way she would synch up to their level of success.

If you want to grow personally or professionally, I highly recommend purposefully putting yourself in situations with highly successful people. Let them be an example of what is possible and learn directly from them. You can do this by joining a networking group, either in-person locally, or online. You can reach out to someone in your field and see if they would be willing to mentor you, or you can hire a coach. 

I have hired health coaches, parenting coaches, and business coaches who had the success that I was hoping to achieve. I have always up leveled after these coaching experiences and want the same for you.

If you would like to save time by learning from my mistakes and successes don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation call with me, I will help you grow from good to AMAZING. You can find me regularly in rooms with the powerful men and women who have rubbed off on me, now its your turn.


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