For years, I use to dread getting on the scale. Depending on the number I would hope to see would determine whether my mood would be up or down for the day. You know the drill: Monday morning, naked, eyes closed. When the number would appear, squint out of one eye, convert to kilograms to make the number look smaller to lessen the blow the initial reveal. If I was down some pounds I was elated, and if it was up some, then my mood turned sour. I would then jump in the shower and beat myself up for eating too much and randomly throughout the last day.

What I failed to internalize deeply was that the number on the scale is truly just a number. It’s just my body at that moment, in that time and space, and it’s nothing more, nothing less. It’s just me, and nothing’s wrong. Nothing’s right either. It just is. Doesn’t’ that sound better?

For those of you that have worked with me, or are familiar with my work, know that I teach that our thoughts cause our feelings. So here was a great example of this. The number on the scale isn’t the problem, it’s my thoughts about the number that was the instigator of my upset. It never occurred to me that I could still choose love and gratitude even if I gained a few pounds. Sounds silly, but these little moments contribute to a lack of self-love, which actually contribute to more weight gain. So here’s the deal, negative emotion does not perpetuate positive outcomes. Consequently, we have to turn this whole scale thing into a more favorable occurrence.

Here are the steps to now follow on Monday mornings, still naked, but with eyes wide open…..

Step 1). Remind yourself before you step on the scale that it is a number. Just math. Everything else is drama

Step 2). Meet yourself with gratitude and joy regardless of what you see. Be grateful that you have a body that is healthy and on that scale in the first place. Find parts of your body that you do love and focus on them.

Step 3). If you are not at your goal weight, that’s ok. Remind yourself you are on the journey to that place and you can’t hate yourself to thin. If that worked, then I wouldn’t be writing this blog

Step 4). Notice any negative beliefs that may come up, and direct your brain to a more positive thought (see below if you need some ideas)

Step 5). Smile and get on with your day. Choose happiness and commit to one item of self-care or health for that day (i.e more water, fun workout class, or yummy salad for lunch)

Thought Sampler

I am grateful for the body I have now and what it is capable of.

I am strong and beautiful.

I have the ability and deserve to live in a beautiful, lean, toned body.

I create my future by each action I choose today.

I am choosing joy regardless of the number on the scale

Try it, it works, its more loving and it sets the tone for the week. Choose love and joy, it beats the alternative. Lots of love, train your mind has hard as you train your body!


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