What if you only let yourself think and believe that everything is working? That you are always making progress? Consider what the result of this could be for yourself and your goals. 

When I was trying to lose weight and work out consistently, I remember how much time I wasted thinking that I wasn’t making progress, that what I was doing wasn’t working. When I was feeling discouraged and upset, guess what I did? I gave up. Then a vicious cycle ensued of gaining weight, resuming my healthy lifestyle plan, getting upset because I would think I wasn’t making progress, giving up and so on.

I had a coach at the time that asked me to STOP thinking it wasn’t working for the next 3 months even if I saw NO tangible results. I had to practice believing “this is working.”

This changed everything. I saw the scale go up a touch. “This is working.” I could barely run a mile. “This is working.” I overeat at a cookout. “I am making progress.” It felt awkward to think this at first but to my surprise, my brain started to find evidence to why “it had been working.”

I would consider the lessons I learned from overeating at the cookout. I would not beat myself up when I stopped and walked when I had planned to run, and I would keep lifting weights even if I didn’t see my body change one bit.

Believing that everything is working, keeps you in the game. It is working because you think it is working and guess what? You keep working at it!

Melanie Running

I see no upside to believing something isn’t working unless you are really on a wrong path action wise, but even then you can stop, re-tool, decide on a new strategy all the while believing that it is working. 

You learn so much from failure, my friends, so even when it isn’t working, you are learning. That’s what makes it work in the future.

Whatever your goal is, whether it is to improve a relationship, manage your anger, lose weight, build muscle, consider what might happen if you only let yourself believe “Everything is working”?

Since it is coming to the mid -point of the year, I will be re-launching the LIFE LOUNGE for those of who are interested in reviewing the goals you set for yourself in January or are ready to create some new ones to grow during the next 6 months. Stay tuned for that.

Have an amazing week!

Can’t wait to see you shine and find all the ways you are making progress.

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Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S, Certified Life & Weight Coach

18 years of in mental health transformation, helping high-performers go

from GOOD to GREAT!


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