This use to happen to me a lot and it still does, but it has somewhat reduced. So here’s the scene; it’s Monday night, I rush to my favorite power yoga class, save a spot near the back for my dear friend, we whisper brief updates about our lives, then sweat like crazy for 57 minutes. I can feel it, it’s time to get into that last resting yoga pose, I looked it up, and it’s called Shavasana. Just what we’ve all been waiting for. I revel in it, I’m definitely reaching that state of Zen. It feels like I’ve just had a massage. Even just saying ‘Shavasana’ out loud puts me to sleep. Like some happy cult we all chant Om, bow our heads and say Namaste, and lovingly roll up our mats and wave goodbye. The world is my oyster. I’m driving home feeling like the calmest, most evolved version of myself and gratefulness comes rushing in. I’m smiling, I don’t even put on the radio to keep the meditative state going.

I pull into the garage ready to kiss my little monkeys to sleep and watch my favorite show with my husband who I haven’t seen since the night before. I take that last drink of water, approach the door and hear the fighting. My 6 year old is at the top of the stairs naked from her bath yelling at my 9 year old about not telling her before trading their mutual Shopkins (for those who don’t know they are tiny plastic toys, mimicking grocery store items) and see the face of my defeated husband who makes a snide remark “I hope you enjoyed your yoga class”, and it’s gone. All the Zen is gone. It took all of 2 minutes, maybe 30 seconds, but I can’t admit that to myself. I roll up my sleeves, jump in and angrily wonder why the kids aren’t in bed yet and all I can do is dream of tomorrow night’s boxing class! Through coaching I have learned the power of asking my mind a question and keeping a frequent mental dialogue. Remember, you are able to direct your mind to where you want it to go. Use your mind as a tool. This is why To-Do Lists and Goal setting can be so instrumental. You are giving your mind items to work towards, you can give it direction and in turn, be in control of emotions when even when returning home from a killer exercise class.

So today, after my boxing class, I was feeling great, strong and powerful. Ready to rumble with Rousey. But just my luck, the rumble was actually between my two daughters as I walked into a literal sparring match in the living room. I could easily go off the rails, and lost all of the mental benefits of the last hour. However, I remembered all the coaching work I have done and asked myself a powerful question before I entered “How can I make this fun?” My brain worked quickly this time to find the answer. So I turned around walked back out that door. No, I didn’t get in my car to drive away as fast as possible. I did get in my car, but only to pull out my boxing gloves. So I next jumped in the house with my boxing gloves on. The girls were so startled by “crazy boxing mom” that they forgot what they were fighting about. Soon we were going at it playfully. We made each other laugh and even cry from laughing. So shake it up, ask yourself a different question when you find yourself in a rut. Your brain will work hard to find the answer, so make the question an interesting one! Let me know what creative ones you come up with. Till next time fellow yogis, indoor cyclists, boxers, and tired moms out there, Namaste!


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