Exclusive One-on-One Life Coaching

for Professional Athletes

You’ve accomplished a lot in your career, yet you’re finding yourself unfulfilled.  You want more.

Professional Athlete Life Coach

In this highly exclusive, confidential, one-on-one coaching format, we do the mental and emotional strength training that your competition doesn’t have so that you can create a life that feels as good as it looks.

As an elite or professional athlete, you already know how to benefit from working with a coach.  Together, we’ll work to improve your emotional intelligence and mental strength so you can get even more of what you want.

Improve emotional intelligence, deepen connections and relationships, overcome beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back, and experience happiness and fulfillment outside of your athletic performance.

Click Schedule 1-on-1 to get on my calendar for a discovery call and let’s talk about whether or not this exclusive coaching program is your next best play.

*Serious inquiries only, please.

Benefits of a life coach for professional athletes

  • More Fulfillment. You’ve got the discipline to crush it in your sport. Apply your pro mindset at home to create a more satisfying relationship.
  • More Connection. Change your relationship for the better today, no marriage counselor required!
  • Less Stress. You’ve used cognitive tools like visualization to perform better. Transfer these skills for a stress-free home life!


Overcoming Mental Injuries

Overcoming Mental Injuries

One of the most powerful benefits of working with a coach to improve emotional intelligence and develop your own self-coaching skills is the ability to overcome what I call ‘mental injuries’.  As an elite athlete, you’re probably pretty familiar with physical...

Going to the Gym for Your Mind

Going to the Gym for Your Mind

If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.Joyce Sunada We have come so far as a society in knowing how to improve and maintain our physical health. My 11-year old daughter knows about clean eating (and even chose to...

Achievement Doesn’t Make You Happy!

Achievement Doesn’t Make You Happy!

I know I’ll just be happy….. …when I hit my big goal in the gym…when I meet the partner of my dreams…when I make the team…if I get to play in my desired city…when I get promoted to the next league…when my team wins the championship Have you had these thoughts or...

behind the scenes.

When I’m not working as a full-time coach and CEO of Mind Your Strength Coaching, LLC, I enjoy exploring my beloved hometown, Cleveland, Ohio with my cherished husband, two beautiful daughters, and two spoiled Boston Terriers.

When I’m not with family, you can often find me at local workout studios that encourage mental and physical wellbeing.  We have an incredible mental health and wellness community in Cleveland!


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