“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.”~ Les Brown

One key aspect I’ve observed from people who have successfully obtained their goals versus those who have fallen short are how they interpret their results. Let’s take weight loss as an example. The story my clients tell themselves immediately after seeing weight gain on the scale one week is so telling of their future success or failure. The client that has tremendous success and ultimately gets to their goal weight uses the weight gain only as information: information about the action they took, or didn’t take that did not get them to their goal that particular week. This client scans their food journal, checks in on how much water they drank, how much they engaged in movement and quickly re-routes to use this information to improve on next week’s results.

The client who doesn’t get to their goal weight often uses the same weight gain as an indicator that they are not worthy or capable of getting the result they want. They then predict that they can’t get anywhere near their goal. They have data, but it’s backwards looking data that encompasses past failures. I have had clients say in these circumstances “I suck” or I’ll never be able to do it/have it”, “Maybe this isn’t for me” “I knew this wouldn’t work” “Why even try?”

What I encourage them, as well as you, is to use your results only as information. Information about the action you took. Did the action get me the result I wanted? If not, why and what can be done about it? Then we re-route from there always in total belief that we will get the result we want in the end because we are committed to getting it no matter what. 

When we use results as indicators of our self-worth or capability we miss out. Remember that I teach that your self-worth is absolute. It is already there, already at 100%. Consequently, you don’t need to use results as evidence that you are lacking in some way. These statements also indicate a lack of belief that you will get to your goal. If you have 100% belief that you will get to your goal no matter what, then this information only gives us data from which to improve on.

What story do you tell yourself when something doesn’t work out? What do you say when you don’t get that sale, when a lot of people don’t engage on a Facebook post? When you don’t hit your financial goal? When you see the scale go up?

Do you use it as information and re-route but always believing in your future possibility or do you use it to predict failure and stay the same? The answer to this question is everything. Belief plus massive action is the magic formula for obtaining goals. The interpretation will reveal some gaps. Interpret your results with future possibility in mind, not past predictability.

If you are ready to live in future possibility all of the time, then let’s do some coaching. I’m ready, are you? If so, schedule a consultation call: http://bit.ly/2rD8YZk










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