Many high performers seek me out when their athletic or corporate careers have come to an end and they want to create something new and fulfilling from in the next stage of their lives. Many of them are confused and stuck on where to go next, and I wanted to share one of the most important ways I help them access their creativity in order to put something new into the world.

The first step to accessing your own wisdom and creativity is to create space for it. So many of us are consumers of information. We listen to podcasts, webinars, audiobooks, documentaries, online news, but spend very little time outputting any of our own ideas.

When we spend time this way, we’re essentially only listening to someone else’s thoughts and spend little to no time at all listening to our own brain and coming up with any original ideas.

Schedule alone time to listen to your own thoughts

So, the first step is to schedule time to think and write. Every morning I take my dog for a walk without my earbuds in. I just listen to myself think. This may sound strange to you, but this walk is my sacred time dedicated to finding out what is in my brain. No podcasts or Spotify playlists allowed.

Before the walk, I sometimes ask myself a purposefully challenging question and put my brain to work to answer it. Let’s say I have I want to create a new program or create more income, I may ask myself:

What are 5 amazing ideas for the project?

What would I do if I knew what to do?

What does my audience really need to hear from me right now?

How can I make more money and have fun doing it?

What belief system am I having now, and what belief system do I need to adopt to get it done?

What do I need to know?

It is incredible how many ideas my brain comes up with on a long walk with the dog. Schedule alone time to listen to your brain. Give it high-powered questions to go to work on. You have so much amazing wisdom and creativity inside of you, go inside to find the answer.

Many of us are so good at inputting information, but rarely do we output any. The world needs what you have to offer in your own special way. 

Grab a beautiful journal, your favorite pen, and put to paper what is inside of your powerful mind.

Go inside and access the thoughts and ideas you have so you can create something great. The cure for cancer or something beyond the invention of the Iphone may be inside of you. Go take a look and see.

If you are ready to put something outstanding into the world and need further support beyond this blog, schedule a one on one consultation call with me.

Feel free to share this blog with anyone you know that may benefit from it.

Have an amazing week everyone.

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