My job as a coach is to spot and to help my clients dismantle their limiting beliefs: the beliefs that hold them back from what they desperately want to achieve. Much like a personal trainer who doesn’t believe that you can’t do a set number of reps or bench a certain amount of weight, as a mental trainer, I don’t believe your limiting beliefs are true and are holding you back when it comes to what you want to create in your life.

Imagine if your personal trainer agreed with your limiting belief and stopped the workout when you thought you couldn’t go any longer? What if your teacher thought you couldn’t grasp the concept and stopped teaching? What if your coach believed you really couldn’t build the business of your dreams, make more money, or have a phenomenal relationship? We wouldn’t go very far.

Why is it that we believe other people can have something we want, but we don’t believe it for ourselves? Here is a short list of limiting beliefs I have heard in the past couple weeks from my clients.

I can’t have it because:

-I’m not confident enough

-I’m not fit enough

-I’m too old

-I’m too young

-I don’t look the part

-I’m not pretty enough

-I don’t come from a wealthy family

-I’m not charismatic enough

-I’m not well spoken enough

-I don’t have a huge network

Why do we think other people can have it?

For every single thing that you think you are not, I can show you a person in the world who has what you want and doesn’t poses this limiting quality. Think about it. Do you know someone who has excelled and not from a wealthy family? I’m sure their limiting belief didn’t involve restricting their success to their upbringing. There are 10 year-olds on YouTube making millions. I have coach friends in their 70’s who are killing it. Introverts are rocking it online and offline. There are healers who are overweight, underweight, and everything in between. 

These, my friends, are just limiting beliefs. We all have access to what we desire once we become aware of what holds us back. Once we clean up these limiting beliefs and take  consistent action from the feeling that is aligned with the result we want, then we can  achieve what we truly want in life.

My beautiful 28 year- old client told me that she didn’t have enough followers on Instagram to be successful in her field. I pulled up 3 people who had less followers than her and were killing it, and in an instant, her limiting belief fell away. It was the sweetest limiting belief I have heard so far but it held her back. 

If they can you can. We are all worthy of success. Don’t attach to these limiting beliefs. Take the aligned action and evaluate what worked, what didn’t, and what you will do differently and keep going. Believe that you can. I surely do.

If you or someone you know is stuck in a limiting belief cycle, reach out for a consultation call with me and we will dismantle these limiting beliefs together. Once we do this work then we can work on the alignment to make it all happen.

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