Often times when we are in a state of growth, whether that be in business or in an athletic pursuit, we can find ourselves in a hurry. In a hurry to take several actions towards a certain pursuit. Some of my clients describe this feeling as a buzzy restlessness or a feeling of urgency that develops when they are working towards a big goal. What I have come to recognize as a business owner and athlete, is that even in positive change, there is an identify shift. We are literally stepping into a new way of being/ a new identity, whether that be as a leader who has to do more public speaking or mentor more employees and give feedback. While all of this is positive, it is new, unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable. In order to avoid feeling this discomfort, our brain can find sneaky ways to escape it. 

Many of us try to escape this discomfort or identify shift by being in a rush to change something. I have caught myself trying new systems, getting lost in new programs, or buying new products. I remember my mentor coaching me on this and a fellow colleague reminding us that “If you are in a hurry to change something, you are in a hurry to change how you feel”. This was a lightbulb moment for me. When we take any action from this anxious state, we often make mistakes or regret the choices we made as they were not well thought out. It can halt our growth if we don’t catch it in time.

I have seen this come up for weight loss clients who start to get attention from others because they look different. Instead of embracing this discomfort, they start feeling out of control with online shopping, avoid being seen, or worst yet, resume old habits that lead to weight gain. Remember, our animal brain does not like new things and can sabotage if we are not aware.

The past two months I have been in massive growth mode in my business, and I again felt that urgency come up. Instead of telling myself to stop it, or calm down I just recognized it and let myself feel it. I remind myself that this is part of the growth process.When I want to take action in this anxious buzzy state, I put my shoulders back, remind myself that I can feel whatever feelings are coming up and not hurry to make a bunch of changes.

My goal is to take action with ease

All of this is not a problem until you find yourself taking several actions in a row in an urgent state. Instead, I encourage you to be aware of this pattern, remind yourself that you can feel the discomfort that comes with any state of growth and that you don’t have to take any action in a hurried state. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling without judgement. Make room for the anxiety, the restlessness, the urgency. Try not to take any action while you are in this feeling state so you don’t’ sabotage any progress that you have made thus far.

My goal is to take action with ease.Not in a rush because I have internalized the knowing that where I am now is no better or worse than where I am going. Don’t miss out on the present moment by worrying and being in a frenzy to get to a future goal. You might miss out on a lot of current beauty and strength.

If you are a high performer that struggles with anxiety, don’t hesitate to apply for a discovery session. It can save you from self-sabotage and increase inner peace.

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Melanie Shmois, LISW-S, MSSA, Certified Life Coach with 17+ years of experience of mental health experience and transformation

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