Here are some recent TV, radio, and local business features highlighting my coaching practice. Click on the links below to see how I am able to help people achieve their dreams by managing their minds so that they can feel better, take massive action, and learn how to self-coach for the rest of their lives.

Mimi Vanderhaven

I discuss my journey to coaching and my own past struggles with weight with Mimi Vanderhaven. We discuss that while weight loss might bring people to the coaching table, clients often find their successes aren’t limited to weight alone. Read the full article online.


The Weekly Pulse

I had a personal conversation with Amy Castelli from the Weekly Pulse to discuss the importance of investing in yourself through coaching to change your life. We discuss my new group coaching program (The Weight Is Over) and the deeper meaning behind my logo and much more. Watch online.


The Life School Podcast

I joined renowned life coach Brooke Castillo on her podcast to discuss the problems with blaming and how to take responsibility for how we feel. Tune in online to hear our full conversation.


Weekly Pulse TV

I sat down with Weekly Pulse TV, a weekly wellness television show, to discuss how women can separate their thoughts from their circumstances to achieve the personal growth they want. Watch our conversation online on Episode 2.


Channel 3 WKYC

I joined WKYC on the air to chat about the importance of building and maintaining mental strength. We talk about why competing athletes in particular need to build this skill. Watch this video for the full clip.


Hello Life Academy Magazine

I sat down with the women at Hello Life Academy to talk about my journey to coaching and how I can help women move from good to great in their lives. Turn to page 10 in the online issue to check out my profile.


Lululemon Cleveland’s Facebook Page

I love meeting driven women in my community and partnering with businesses like Lululemon. They recently featured my work on their Facebook page. Check out the post.


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