For years as a therapist and now as a coach I frequently ask my clients the quintessential “How does that feel?” question.

Intellectually, I understood why I was asking the question, but personally I often neglected tuning into feelings and was more focused on DOING vs. FEELING.

I’ve always enjoyed setting big goals and going after them but often neglected the importance that my feelings had in this whole equation.

I would dread it when my coach would ask me, “How does that feel?” until I really started tuning in and being intentional with my own feelings.

Feelings are why we do or don’t do anything. We do something because of how we predict it will make us feel. On the opposite end, we procrastinate in order to prevent ourselves from feeling feelings we predict we will have if we move forward with the next necessary step.

Many experts talk about inspired action, but the truth is we are always inspiring or not inspiring action by the emotion we feel before we take that action.

I tell my clients that feelings are the fuel for the actions you take or don’t take. If I am feeling passionate, inspired, or motivated, then you can probably guess what my actions might look like after being fueled solidly with these positive emotions.

If I am feeling discouraged, scared, and unmotivated, you can likely guess what my actions, and most likely inactions, will entail. 

How intentional can you be with your feelings?

As humans, we have the most amazing ability to create emotions, so I encourage you to choose wisely. Choose high octane emotions to get you moving forward.

Feelings are WHY we do everything we DO!

If you find that you drop into crap-fueling feelings, then take note, find the thought that created those feelings. After some time sitting with this awareness and insight you can intentionally pivot to a better feeling state to inspire the action you need to take to achieve your goal.

We can’t wait for good feelings like motivation to just hit us randomly, we have to create them on purpose with our intentional thoughts.

Here are a few thoughts that fuel up some positive feeling states to get the job done:

*Growth is better than stagnation 

*My future self will thank me

*You’ve got this!

*You can do hard things!

*You are either thinking or doing, doing gets it done!

It also doesn’t hurt to put on some high-vibe music and find some movement in your body to create inspiration and then take the positive actions steps you need while in this blissful state.

You’ve got this and if not, I can teach you how to get it.

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