“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”-C.S. Lewis

One transformation that has helped people achieve their best selves on a daily basis is to strive to be in integrity as much as possible. What this means is to ask oneself “am I showing up and doing what I want people to do?” If I want people to have deep change through coaching for example, then I have to consider if I am engaging in coaching. Every time I have invested significantly in my own growth and transformation, it has helped me to be able to believe in it and sell it to you. Same goes for weight loss. When I recommend to a client, for example, to consider reducing shower and flour intake, you better believe that I have done this for a significant period of time as well. When we try to sell or recommend something that we are not willing to do or believe in ourselves, it can feel like a struggle or feel like we are acting like a fraud. 

To my surprise one of my favorite spin instructors always finds a studio to ride in when she is out of town. I was shocked by this thinking she would want a break after teaching multiple times throughout a week. But it dawned on me that she is so passionate about both participating in and learning new teaching tools, that it would make perfect sense that she would make the classes a priority when she travels. Guess what? Her classes are always sold out. When you believe in what you do and practice it yourself, it shows through in the way you show up.

Another important aspect of this too is how you show up when you are engaging in these activities. One of my mentors talks about showing up as if you were working with Oprah or Tony Robbins. You better believe that if I had a coaching session with Tony or an interview with Oprah, my phone would be turned off, I would arrive early, and fully engaged. This is what I hope for with my clients, and how I show up with my coach. In integrity. 

I recently caught myself on a continuing education coaching call with my camera turned off. Instead of truly focusing, I was wandering around my house and tidying up the kids’ bedrooms while half-heartedly listening to the call through earbuds. It quickly dawned on me that if I were conducting a class myself, I would not want participants to have their earbuds in, camera off cleaning. I forced myself to go into my office and turn my camera on and be fully present. I had so many breakthroughs and ah-ha moments during the last part of that call because I remembered the importance of being in integrity.

So I encourage all of you no matter what business you might be in, or fitness routine that you are passionate about, to ask yourself if you are bringing an integrity to it? Are you showing up the way you want people to be for you? Are you on time? Are you fully present? Are your notifications turned off? If you operate from this place as much as possible, I promise you, you will be more satisfied and more successful.

Integrity is showing up because you said you would even if no one is watching. It is showing up how you want other people to show up. Remember, you are watching and your relationship is with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. When you notice yourself fall out of integrity, go easy on yourself, and jump back in to .

If you struggle with feeling like a fraud in any part of your life and want to work on integrity, reach out for a discovery call:  http://bit.ly/2rD8YZk


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