We ask ourselves questions all day long: What should I have for breakfast? Why don’t I have any clothes to wear? Why is my life so hard? Why does it take so long to lose weight? The lower the quality of the question, the lower quality answer your brain will come up with. For example, if I ask a client, “Why can’t you lose weight permanently?”, the client will come up with a long list of self-defeating and negative answers. As the coach, I would have incorporated a negative belief into the question itself and my clients’ brain will be sent on a task to prove that negative belief correct.  Alternatively, if I ask “How can you lose weight and have fun in the process?” the client is more likely to come up with creative, empowering answers. The brain loves to come up with solutions, so I recommend sending it on a creative trail to prove a great question true. Here are some ideas. Pick one or two of these questions to ask yourself every day. When you notice that your brain comes up with a lower quality, less empowering one, re-direct it to your more creative and empowering question. Here are some ideas………………..

What do I love about myself?

How can I make today better than yesterday?

How can I honor my body today?

How can I connect with my higher power today?

How can I incorporate movement in a fun way today?

How can I influence others positively today?

What am I grateful for today?

How can I have fun today?

How can I lose weight permanently and have fun at the same time?

How can I laugh a lot today?

How can I inspire others today?

How can I make magic today? (My favorite)

If you have a creative and empowering question or quote that inspires you in a big way and would be willing to share it, I would love to incorporate it here to share with others. Also, keep coaching questions coming, will use them in upcoming blogs and FB live videos. Ask me anything. Put your brain to work in a powerful way by asking it awesome questions. Share this post with someone that you think may need it. To schedule a complimentary, confidential, and life changing mini-coaching session, sign up here @ http://bit.ly/2rD8YZk, or learn more about me and my unique process go to: Mindyourstrength.com





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