Many of my clients ask me: “what is manifestation?” and more importantly how do I do it?

I believe manifestation is a co-creation with the universe, if you are intentional with it, it is the creation of your desired reality. We are always manifesting, whether it is good or bad because you attract what you put out into the universe vibrationally.

This is why being able to practice manifestation holds a great opportunity for us to know more about ourselves and discover what we can do more. Leading us to become what we truly desire provided that we are mindful of where we are at the present.

I also think emotional intelligence is so important because if you don’t know how to fully process your emotions, especially the ones we define as negative, then you end up attracting more of it. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to protect your vibe so that you call in the reality that you truly desire.

It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are when you do it!!!!

I have created a path to manifestation worksheet for you with 5 steps to begin the intentional manifestation process. I hope you enjoy it and use it to create more of what you desire most in your life.

Journal: What do I want?

1) Get clear on what you want/desire most?

Many of us don’t truly know what we want and desire in this life so take the time to find out. Allow yourself to explore the things you want and be clear on what you do at the moment.

2) What is your energy around that?

Be conscious of how you react to your desires. Check in to see if you have positive or negative emotions around what you want most. Does excitement dominate or does fear? 

3) Are you in total alignment with what you want? Do your thoughts, feelings, and actions result in what you desire most?

Shift your limiting beliefs into trusting yourself that you can do it. Remember the universe doesn’t work on time, it works on alignment. 

4) Once you take inspired action, evaluate.

What worked for me? What didn’t? Is there anything else I can do next time? What do I want to do differently next time? This will help you be aware of the process in choosing this path.

5) Return to happiness.

Doesn’t matter if it’s big or small celebrate your successes. Keep the lessons and wisdom from the failures then create again from happiness, in flow state.

Feel free to download and print it out to use as often as you see fit. If you would like me to assist you in this fun and sacred process, I invite you to reach out to me to schedule a call.

Mind Your Strength,

Melanie Shmois

Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S

Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S, is a licensed social worker, holding a Master’s Degree (MSSA) from Case Western Reserve University and a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. After spending 2 decades helping others achieve their mental and personal goals, Melanie worked with Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo, and became a certified Life and Weight Coach through the Life Coach School.


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