Hello friends. Last week I wrote about the importance of devoting time and attention to your mental health in the same way as your physical health. Using the metaphor of an actual gym over the next few weeks I want to teach you some of the foundational coaching tools aka exercise reps you need to do in order to achieve exceptional mental health. 

Just like any physical workout routine where you would inevitably work on your upper body, lower body, and abs, I will take your though some foundational mental coaching routines to feel better and grow.

Tool #1: Coaching Yourself

If you want to grow and create a new result in your life you will need to know how to coach yourself. What I mean by this is that you learn how to manage your thinking about the world in a way that serves your life. 

Many people do not grow and achieve new heights because they don’t realize that if left to our own devices, our brain will just default to current thinking patterns and create the same experiences over and over again. Our brain loves repetition because it is easy and seems safe.  If you think the thoughts you have always thought you will create the same life you have been living.

Coach yourself everyday to re-wire your brain

In order to achieve something different, whether that be a successful business, more money, or a different body – you are going to have to think, feel, and act in a different way. 

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you know that I teach a very specific tool called the Self-Coaching Model that helps you examine the results that your current thoughts are creating for you. 

Once you have awareness of your current thought, the Model then and only then, can you pivot to creating different or intentional thought models if you are not in love with the current results in your life.

I love to look around at all of the things going on in my life right now and realize that they are all at the effect of what I have or had been thinking. My weight, my career, my children, my business are all a result of thoughts and feelings that I had about them and the actions I took or keep taking to maintain them. 

Neuropathways in the brain are changed by repetition. You have to coach yourself daily in order to create something new. This doesn’t have to be a heavy lifting workout, but you do need to practice believing something new every single day in order to achieve it. Just like daily situps, bicep curls, and cardio workouts, you have to do it consistently to change.

I recommend picking one belief at a time to practice every single day alongside your daily thought downloads and Models to always be aware of what you are creating in your life.

If you want more information on this, please refer to my previous blogs or reach out for a consultation with me to see how powerful integrating these mental exercises in your into your life can be.

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