The beginning of July marks the half-way point of the year and can be a great time to conduct a mid-review of your goals. 

Of course, as we all know, at the start of a new year, many of us are excited and motivated by new beginnings, empty planners, and vision boards to write down all that we want to accomplish in the upcoming year. However, for many of us, the newness rubs off and we get busy and forget.

What I suggest is scheduling a sacred hour to review what you wrote down when the snow was still falling and determine where you are, potential obstacles you still face, and what you need to do to move forward.  I always recommend doing this in a space of compassion without any judgement or criticism. Remember, whether you achieve your goals or not has no bearing on your self-worth or esteem.

During my personal sacred hour, I like to look at my planner and online calendar to jog my memory of all that I did and didn’t do January thru July. I start to reflect on all the accomplishments, all the failures and everything in between.

Then I ask the following questions:

*What goals did I make progress on?

*Which goals are a challenge?

*Are there any goals that are no longer meaningful and I want to let go of?

*Are these goals still aligned with my future self and aspirations?

*Do I want to add, edit, or change any of the goals on my list?

It’s time for a mid-year review!

Moving forward:

Let me remind you, you can accomplish a lot in 6 months. Some of my former clients have lost upwards of 50 pounds, some have significantly increased their income, one client got sober, another saved his marriage. What do you want to accomplish from July-December? 

*What are your top three goals for the rest of the year?

*What is your WHY for each of them?

*What obstacles do you face and how will you overcome them?

*How do you need to THINK, FEEL, & ACT in order to accomplish them?

*Who do you need to become to get to the finish line?

Life Lounge:

Imagine having a certified coach with almost two decades of mental health and personal transformation experience under her belt guiding you in your goal setting practice? The Life Lounge is a 1 on 1 in person or virtual session where we complete goal setting combined with coaching to push past the fear, doubt and confusion that your brain will likely create when you move towards something bigger. During our time together, we not only create a plan, but we make sure your mindset is in alignment and coach through all the obstacles that present themselves.

What will you accomplish in 6 months?

Anything is possible. I am cheering for you. Always.

I hope to see you in the Life Lounge where we turn dreams into reality one thought at a time.

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Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S
Certified Life & Weight Coach
18 years of mental training experience

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