“Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good” ~ Lucia Capocchione

Many of us could incorporate more play in our lives. Before understanding the power of feminine energy, I marched through life being too serious and stiff. Like many of us, I jumped into work mode, checking email during breakfast, taking calls on my way to work, and rushing around during the day without being in tune with my body. We dampen our joy when we move through the world like this, so I want to encourage all of you to embrace your playful innocence.

As silly as that sounds, I invite you to engage in more playtime every day. Notice your tendencies to tighten up, sit too long, and really feel what your body is craving. In the morning, challenge yourself to drink water, say (3) things you are grateful for, and dance around your kitchen before grabbing your phone or jumping into work.

This might seem cringy and silly at first, but often this is a sign that we have been neglecting something that would lead to more fulfillment in our lives. Remember when you were a child and what you loved to do for play? Allow that childlike curiosity and wonder to be part of your days.

Did you love to dance like no one was watching? Did you paint/color or sing?

If you are like me, flipping around doing cartwheels and handstands may be over, but dancing around can bring those same joyful feelings back.

I invite you to bring this play back into your life, and I promise more joy, bliss, and fulfillment will soon follow. Notice when you tense up and let that be your signal to take a step back and play.

If you are a high-performer, who goes from one activity to the next with little rest and play and feels a bit off or overwhelmed, I invite you to connect with me to discuss fun and transformative ways to work together in May. I have two spots remaining.


Melanie Shmois

Melanie Shmois - Transformational Life Coach
Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S

Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S, is a licensed social worker, holding a Master’s Degree (MSSA) from Case Western Reserve University and a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. After spending 2 decades helping others achieve their mental and personal goals, Melanie worked with Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo, and became a certified Life and Weight Coach through the Life Coach School.


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