Each year I attend a 2 -day Mastermind event with my fellow certified coaches from the Life Coach School. Instructors share powerful coaching and business ideas that have helped their clients excel and achieve their goals, and I wanted to share some of my key takeaways below.

One of the biggest lessons that landed profoundly with is the subtly mind-blowing notion that we need to spend more time thinking about believing that we can achieve a result we desperately want in our life. We need to think and get excited about the future and believe it can happen without all the worry, doubt, and fear. How many of us quickly shut down and don’t even allow ourselves to consider having something amazing in our lives? When thinking about achieving a far-reaching goal, we immediately shut it down and tell ourselves that it is silly to even think about it.

Most of us want to quickly switch over to worrying about the HOW– How we are going to achieve the goal? What are the steps? What actions do I need to take?…… We don’t spend time thinking believing we can. The moment you start worrying about the how, you are no longer believing. Isn’t that interesting? I see this a lot when I work with clients who want to lose weight or start a new passion project. They want to shift the focus to the tactics, strategies and concerns while glossing over self-belief.

When you are truly committed to the belief that you can achieve your goal, the how will show up. When you are raising your energy, your vibe, your self-belief the tactics and strategies will come to you. You must commit to the belief no matter what even if the action you do take doesn’t work. The clients that have lost over 50 pounds working with me have not let a 2-3 pound weight gain derail them. My clients who have created successful businesses, do not abandon their building business efforts when a launch didn’t land well. They don’t use these failures as evidence that they won’t obtain it because their belief is so strong that they will. They use these worthy failures as opportunities to learn what doesn’t work and find what does. They keep taking massive action until they do get there, because they believe so deeply they will.

Committing to believing you can no matter what, keeps you going when you fall, and it helps you pivot in the direction that does help you get there. 

What is your current capacity to believe in something new? Can you commit to believing you can no matter what? ALL IN? Whatever it takes? (thanks Cleveland Cavaliers playoff inspiration) Even if you fail?

You will know you truly believe you can when your actions match up with what you are trying to achieve. If you truly believe you can you lose weight no matter what, then you are most likely eating on protocol and exercising consistently. If you believe your new business will be a success, look at your current actions, are they moving you in that direction? If your actions don’t match up with what you are trying to achieve, then spend more time thinking about believing you can, without doubt, fear, and worry, and I promise the how will show up and you will get there. If you don’t believe it in fully then your actions will be inconsistent.

If you struggle believing you can accomplish something you desperately want, please respond to this email to schedule a complimentary transformational mini-session. I have 2 spots left in July, so don’t delay. As always, don’t forget to train your mind as hard as you train your body to feel better and live your best life. To learn more, go to: Mindyourstrength.com. 




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