Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all staying warm…….

I wanted to talk today about how to combat self-defeating thoughts. Some examples that I have heard from my amazing clients this week include, “I can’t do this”, “I am a bad writer” “my art isn’t good” “I don’t know how”……

Remember that negative emotion does not fuel positive action. These thoughts lead you to procrastination and feeling discouraged. Ultimately these behaviors proves the negative thought to be true and, thus, creates a vicious cycle of inaction.

When you have a negative belief like this you can neutralize it with its factual counterpart.

Instead of thinking, “I am a bad writer”, try “I am a writer”. In lieu of thinking “I hate my body”, shift to “I have a body”.

You see, when we stretch our thoughts too far to the positive the brain rejects it. This is why affirmations make us giggle and often don’t work. It is unrealistic to go from believing I hate my body, to this body is great! It won’t work.

I am a writer

I am learning how to lose weight

I am an artist

I can learn how to do this.

The brain can believe these because they are factual. This shift can put us back in action, thus proving that we are a writer, we do know how to lose weight, and we can create art. From there we can go from neutral, to good, to great.

Lastly, I love to try on thoughts that start with “I am becoming.…” I am becoming a woman who takes care of her body and releases weight”. “I am becoming a more patient mom”. “I am becoming a successful business woman”. The brain actively accepts this line of thinking.

Slay your negative thinking by bringing it back to the facts. No judgement, no drama, just the facts.


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All the best,~ Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S,
Life & Weight Loss Coach
Owner of Mind Your Strength Coaching
(A boutique coaching company that helps people
learn to be happier, healthier, and in control of their
lives by learning how to use their minds to overcome any


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