“Self-reliance conquers any difficulty”~Yogi Bhajan
I use to be really resistant to planning, especially when it came to food and working out.
I thought it was boring and took all the fun and spontaneity out of it.
The result was inconsistent weight loss and often weight gain. It was clothes sometimes fitting, but sometimes not. It was me hiding from the scale.
It was drama.
I asked a friend who is a personal trainer how she thinks about food prep and planning workouts.
She told me “It is what elite athletes do. They plan ahead and in turn, when I prep I feel like I am practicing like a high level athlete.”
This change in thinking helped me pivot to looking at planning in a new fun way.
A plan feels good. It leads to certainty and predictability, which is something most humans crave.
Now, I use the higher level part of my brain that has my best interest at heart, not driven by impulse, to make my future decisions.
Food prep the night before, reserving spots at all my favorite fitness classes ahead of time, filling large water bottles the night before. This is what the athletes do.
As a coach I know how to manage my mind when urges emerge tempting me away from my plan.
The result is clothes that fit better and a scale that doesn’t bounce around a lot.
Less drama
It is also an exercise in self-care and self-reliance, which contribute to physical and mental well-being.
Try planning out either your food or workouts for 2 weeks with this elite athlete mindset and see if planning feels good to your mind and body.
If you are someone that struggles with going up and down with your weight, or having exercise be a consistent part of your life, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a complimentary mini-session.
I have 2 spots left for October. Click here to schedule.
Have a great day!

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