For the past month or two on the way to my daughter’s school I would see two men standing at the opposite ends of a major intersection holding signs advertising a going out of business sale for a local jewelry store. One worker stands looking bored, sometimes on his phone, uninterested while the other across the street from is always dancing. Several times a day I would pass them, and the one dancing of course caught my attention more. From dancing he would wave to drivers, make fun faces at kids, and come up with new dance moves. This has been going on for weeks now and each time I pass him, he has come up with something new to make me smile, clearly not driven by fear or worried about what other’s might think of him.

I’m not exactly sure if either attempt actually drew interest in the going out of business sale. I never went to the store. But it got me thinking that we always have choices when we show up at work, or in whatever we do. We can do what it takes to get the paycheck and hold up the sign, or we can go ALL IN and be exceptional. We can dance. We can always find a way to make the seemingly boring or mundane interesting.

I am not sure what the dancing guy’s true intention is behind the moves. Maybe it was just to entertain himself and pass the time and isn’t really in the spirit of driving more engagement ring sales. However, in the small example relative to his co-worker, this person, in this task of sign-holding, is excellent. He is showing up in a way that goes above and beyond holding up a sign. He has created something new, something that stands out, something great.

Every time I drive by I can’t help but smile, giggle, and wonder what he comes up with next. At the stoplight I see other drivers amused by him and I heard people at the grocery store talking about him. I am taking some inspiration from him this week when I approach new tasks. The choices are to approach it with mediocrity and do what it takes to get by, or with tremendous excitement and creativity. I’m going with the latter.

How about you?

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