The New Year is fast approaching, and that means many of us are making resolutions for 2018. I am a strong believer in creating them as long as it is for the right reasons. Many people create resolutions to feel better about themselves and to compensate for perceived shortfalls. They get upset that another year has gone by and they are not at their ideal body weight, haven’t been consistent with exercise, haven’t met the partner of their dreams, and so they create resolutions in the hope that they will find that worth and the end of the year.

Do not create resolutions to feel worthy! Rather I would suggest you work on believing in our own absolute self-worth now, as is, then trying to obtain it at the end of next year. You are amazing just the way you are. Create the resolution to watch yourself grow, or try something new, expand your life experience, not to feel better about yourself.

What I recommend when creating resolutions is to do a big brain storm. Let yourself free -write and come up with some growth opportunities. Then practice constraint. Pick 1 to 2 items on the list and put all your energy into obtaining only one or two items. If we create too many resolutions on top of our already busy lifestyles, we will burn out and give up. Pick 1-2 and go all in.  And even if the goal is forgotten by March, the process of improving one’s sense of worth in just 1-2 months is an accomplishment in and of itself.

It helps to write down perceived obstacles to obtaining your goal. If there weren’t obstacles you would have most likely already achieved this result, so take some time and write down what has held you back in the past. Once you have that in place, be very specific on how and when you will work on your goal. If your resolution is to work out more, write down how many times you will work out a week, where, and for how long. It must be measurable. You are more likely to “meditate more” if you make a commitment to do it for 5 minutes every day after you shower, then leaving it up to chance or “I’ll get to it at some point later.”

Finally, have some fun with the resolutions. If you want to work out more, pick a class or a studio that looks like fun to you. Go all in for several weeks and check-in to see if it is fun and is helping you achieve your goal. It is possible to lose weight and have fun, at least that’s what my weight loss clients and I do.

Think of how great your life would be if you had a Life & Weight Coach by your side for at least 3 months-someone who can help you to manage your mind, your emotions, and to overcome the obstacles that have held you back before. My resolution is to coach twice as many people in 2018 as I did this year. I hope you take part in a transformative journey to train your mind to get what you want out of life. If you are ready to commit to your resolutions and want an experienced coach to help you get there, don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary mini-session to get results right away. Schedule at Don’t delay. Happy New Year!!!!!!






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