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I was facing some issues with two people at work. I needed to have some difficult conversations with them, and even though I am a coach myself, I was struggling. I asked for a referral through the coaching school that Melanie and I both attended.

I have done some peer coaching before, but this was my first time hiring a personal coach to work deeply on a specific topic. Through our work together, I have learned how to take a step back and shift the way I face important discussions. I am now able to identify when an interaction with someone is negatively affecting my emotions, and adjust on the fly. Not only has this helped at work but I see situations at home differently now, too.

Melanie’s questions and her recommendation of the book “Crucial Conversations” gave me a framework and tools to use whenever a conversation starts to become challenging. She also gave me tips to connect to my feminine energy that I use on a daily basis.

Melanie and I had a great relationship. Knowing how she works, if there are difficulties on my road, I know I will go back to her.

Isabelle G.

Thank you, Melanie, our sessions really made a huge difference in the way I see myself and the big relationships in my life. You asked all the right questions and pushed me outside my comfort zone. I can’t thank you enough.

Heidi M.

With Melanie’s coaching, not only did I lose nearly 25 lbs but most importantly for me, I feel that I now have valuable skills that can help me succeed in many aspects of my life. Whether it is weight loss or other areas that you want to improve, I would highly recommend Melanie. She is there to guide you and provide easy-to-implement tools that help you live a purposeful life.

Michaela B.

Before I started working with Melanie I never imagined I would be able to have a healthy relationship with food. I have struggled with binge eating and depression/anxiety for a long time. She has helped me recognize things that years of therapy have never been able to uncover in just a few short weeks, and I feel more powerful/capable than ever. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and get uncomfortable has been an imperative part of our work. Melanie creates a safe, non-threatening space to explore and feel everything. Focusing on how I have used food as a coping mechanism versus directly focusing on trauma I’ve experienced has helped me to better understand both. I finally am starting to view myself as a survivor instead of a victim. Thank you, Melanie!

Kayla S.

All good coaches need a coach and luckily I have Melanie Shmois as my personal coach. Her listening skills are amazing and she picks up on things that I don’t even notice I may have issues with. She gets to the core of the issue without making me feel like I’m a suspect in a murder case. One of the things I am so grateful for is Melanie helping get me back in shape and wanting to be healthy again. I fell off my hardcore cross-fit routine after vacation and the life of drinks by the pool turned into drinks on the couch with no energy to exercise. The new routine I had stuck to me in more ways than just my thighs and creeped into my life manifesting itself into not only my health but my business, my family life and my self-care. She assisted me to identify the thoughts that were causing my self-sabotage. I’m back on track and living my life the way I want to live it – like a ROCKSTAR!

Susan R.

After working with Melanie, I have actively modified the way I think, and therefore feel, and am working towards a new version of myself that includes a much healthier lifestyle, successful career and an outlook that includes surrounding myself with positivity and focus on the future. I would recommend Melanie to anyone looking to change their perspective on life. She can provide you with the support and the information you need to accomplish such change.

Mark C.

Working with Melanie Shmois on a physical/emotional condition that I would like to improve was very helpful. Through easygoing phone conversations, some challenging questions, a variety of books and workbooks, and lots of great email follow-ups, I learned how to identify the feelings in my body and the often irrational thoughts that were creating them. While I can’t prevent all the negative thoughts, I’m now much more aware of them and can use a few strategies to minimize their impact. I’ve learned to catch my worries as they occur, observe them, and realize they are not helpful to me, which takes most of their power away. I’ve learned to be more mindful, and stay focused on the present – worrying about the future just isn’t helpful! I’ve learned to treat my body with more kindness and less frustration and to be much more accepting in dealing with my current condition. I’m not giving up my efforts to improve, but am accepting where I am today, and I am making progress! Thank you.

Tim P.

“I hired Melanie when I was getting ready to launch a big program for my company. It started as support for business and performance but it led to more personal and deeper work. I have more awareness about how I lead, how I’m creating, and how I’m going about my goals. Instead of focusing on just the hard work, it’s also about slowing down, enjoying the process.

Melanie provides a very safe space to talk about anything and everything. She’s very approachable and warm and it shows in the little details such as texts and emails between sessions. I don’t feel like just another client. I feel she absolutely cares about who I am and what I’m going through.

The interesting thing is that I hired her for the launch, but through coaching with her, I realized that it was more personal for me—about leading from a place of feminine energy. That was a big insight. Working with Melanie has been a catalyst for the deep working I’m doing this year.” 


While studying for a notoriously challenging professional exam, I sought out a mindset coach trained with The Life Coach School. From my first conversation with Melanie, I was struck by the clarity and precision of her questions. Her style is calm, present, strong, fun, and observant.

Melanie’s background in the mental health field played a part in my choice to work with her. In the past I had worked executive coach and career coaches, but her approach was different—focusing on mindset rather than just action for action’s sake—and that made a difference for me. Melanie helped me spot invisible mindset patterns that were obstacles on the way to my goals.

Since working with Melanie, I successfully passed my exam and lost weight. More importantly, I feel like I understand myself better and have illuminated new goals for myself in my life. I’m ever grateful that she brings her gifts as a coach to the world helping us all upgrade our mental software to evolve into who we’re meant to be and the technicolor life we’re meant to live.


I’m an overthinker, which often results in “analysis paralysis” for me. I was feeling stuck and in need of another perspective when I started talking to Melanie. Working with a coach is a much different experience than working with a therapist. Instead of talking only about a specific issue, Melanie helped me discover what work I needed to do on myself regarding the issue.

I thought I’d talk to her a few times and come away with the answer about a career decision and a roadmap for what to do next. The results were much different than I expected. It’s become a journey where I’m learning about myself and what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I’m gaining clarity and the pieces are coming together.

I appreciate that Melanie has a solid foundation of knowledge and that she’s constantly looking for new ways to grow and connect with people. She has introduced me to a number of resources: mentors, authors, meditation, and new ways of thinking. Each thing she shares, whether it’s an article or a podcast, puts me in a better place to understand who I am, what I want, and what I need to do.


I was looking for some direction and a way to re-examine and refocus my life after a broken engagement. Melanie came highly recommended.

Working with Melanie challenged me to get uncomfortable—but not in the way I expected. The focus was inward instead of outward. I’m a guy who is not very emotionally tuned into himself. Learning the practice of getting in touch with my emotions and thoughts was the most surprising and interesting part. The process has helped me be more open to tools like meditation and journaling.

My approach to everyday situations has broadened. I’m more proactive instead of reactive about things that happen. I feel more even-keeled, calm, and patient. It’s given me greater self-awareness and mindfulness about my emotions and thoughts and how they work in parallel with my actions.


Like a lot of women today, I’m at a senior level in my career, juggling work, a home, and two young children, all while trying to stay fit and healthy. Everything looked good on paper—but I wasn’t feeling very good on the inside. I didn’t need another “hack” to better manage my household or time, I needed something to help me reframe how to manage my life.

Working with Melanie helped me find the confidence I used to have. The process has reignited and elevated my sense of self. I’m calmer, more relaxed, and feel more at home whether it’s dealing with home and family, the team I manage at work, or building the career I have always dreamed of.

I expected working with a coach to be all about actions: work on an action plan, report back, get the next assignment. Instead, Melanie helped me uncover beliefs about myself that I wasn’t even aware of. She knew when to dig a little deeper into my thoughts and feelings to get to the core, so that I have the right frame of mind to take on any challenge or opportunity that comes my way.

Personal coaching is a new concept for a lot of people. I think they would be surprised at how helpful it is to have someone guide you along to align your thoughts and feelings with the results you’re looking for. I highly recommend contacting Melanie for a consultation.

Lisa H.

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