I have worked with a wide-range of clients in my 17 years of practice as a therapist and Life & Weight Loss Coach. From clients who were homeless, to severely mentally ill to drug addicted to athletes and business owners, and what I have come to appreciate is that emotional pain and suffering is the same. Whether it’s the mental obsession of gaining and losing the same 10 pounds, to making 6-figures, to losing 100 pounds, emotional pain is universal.

The reason I bring this up today is because I know there are many of you who are what I call ‘silent sufferers’, meaning that you believe that your struggle is not as significant as someone else’s. I had a consult with a woman who felt so ashamed about calling about wanting to lose 10 pounds, she almost cancelled the call. Her suffering is not less significant than someone who wants to lose 80 pounds. Your goals matter, no matter what they are. 

I know that many of you are not reaching out for coaching, or investing in yourselves because you believe your issue is insignificant, or are feeling like you should not have this issue, because you have a lot going for you in your life. I give you permission to go from GOOD TO GREAT. To not have any shame about your emotional struggles, your wants, your needs, your goals.

Silent suffering when left unchecked, can turn to overdrinking, overspending, low self-esteem, or short-tempered. These issues then can lead to a life-long struggle and in some cases addiction. I will hold the space for whatever struggle you face because I believe every goal matters and pain is pain, no matter the situation.

When you invest in yourself, everyone around you benefits. There is a ripple effect. When you learn how to be calmer, manage your anger, address procrastination tendencies, or learn how to be happy, those that love you get to see you and experience you in this light. Often when we find a missing link or ourselves, we share it with others and they grow from our evolution. I invest in myself and I know my clients end up benefiting too from all the strength I gain from my journey.

If you are suffering in silence, for fear or judgement that you shouldn’t be feeling this way because you have so much going for you, I want to work with you, one thought at a time. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation call @ http://bit.ly/2rD8YZk


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