I have this theory that the thought “I don’t have enough”, or “It is not enough” creates approximately 10 times less of what you want. Let’s take weight loss as an example. I had a client who lost 6 pounds over the course of several weeks and glossed over telling me this because she was thinking “It is not enough”. When I asked her how it felt to think that she replied “discouraged” and out of this discouragement she stopped tracking her progress, getting excited about her loss, and believing she would get to her goal weight. The result of these actions was that her progress was stalled, and thus it made it 10 times more likely she wouldn’t get to her goal weight. Or if she got there, it would take longer.

In another personal example, I recently was at a Mastermind event with 20 women I did not know, many of whom were very extroverted and killing it in their businesses. During the course of the event, I started to believe that “I wasn’t charismatic enough,” and this thought created shyness and insecurity which led me to pull back even more. I gave 10 times less of my amazingness to the group until I caught this thought and would have lost out on a tremendous experience to grow had I not thought it.

Lastly, I have a client who told me “I don’t’ have enough people on my email list.” So I asked her what she did with her discouragement and she told me how she stopped writing her list and was contemplating giving up. She was giving 10 times less to her current list. She was not nurturing the 400 people who were following her, and thus was missing out on giving transformation to those trusted followers, which would help her business grow.

So, I ask you to consider where do you find yourself thinking “it isn’t enough”?  Consider then that this thought will most likely give you 10 times less of what it is you crave if you don’t catch it in time. I know it may feel like a fact, but “It isn’t enough” is an optional thought.  If you think your partner isn’t giving you enough, attention you will most likely feel resentment and pull back, thereby making it 10 times more likely you won’t get noticed or get that attention you crave.

Where you are now, your current reality IS enough. It is enough because it is your current reality. When you believe you have enough, then positive emotions like gratitude and pride can set in. From this place you are more likely to want to create, innovate, and set goals to stretch you further. You are enough, and you have everything you need in this moment. You have clean drinking water, you have love, you have you. From this place, you can grow and get stronger. Catch that sneaky not enough thought so you don’t lose out 10 times over.

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