If there is something you really, really want to create or attract into your life, let’s say weight loss, more money, an amazing relationship, then it’s extremely important to be aware and then create the dominant feelings that will attract it. If your dominant feelings are not lined up with what you are trying to create, then you will attract more of what you don’t want.

 When you are trying to lose weight, for example, it is so tempting to focus on the extra pounds that you despise. The feeling of discouragement and disgust will only create more weight gain! The same can be true for making more money. Many people are tempted to obsesses about their debt, their low credit score, or bills that are piling up. Consequently, a feeling of helplessness or frustration gets in the way and often times creates more financial problems. 

Remember, we live in a vibrational universe, so when we are focused on debt and weight gain that we despise, we feel emotions (aka vibrations) like disgust, discouragement, self-loathing ,helplessness, that can only attract more of what we don’t want. Feelings are our guide. They give us a window into our thinking. When we feel disgust, we take action from that place. For example, when I feel disgusted with myself, I might call myself horrible names under my breath or in my mind, I might avoid looking at myself in the mirror, avoid weighing myself, and throw in the towel on doing any sort of healthy eating or exercise routine because   “what’s the hell is the point?

Think of the feeling of helplessness when thinking about your debt or not being in a relationship. What do you do/how do you act when you feeling helpless? My guess is nothing that moves you any closer to financial freedom and finding the person of your dreams.

So what to do? First of all, you want to write down what you want to create in a very affirmative way. It is better to say “I want a fit and healthy body” vs. I don’t want all this weight on me. Then you have to deliberately choose the dominant emotions that you will need to see the goal all the way through.  When creating more money emotions like, motivated, confident, and committed reign supreme. Ditch fear, doubt, and helplessness.

Focus your attention to the parts of your body that you do like and perhaps the amazing places your body takes you throughout the day. Focus on the abundance of money you have right now. Find love for yourself in this moment. You’ll likely attract more of it. Instead, if you focus on what you don’t have, you’ll probably reap what you sow. Be deliberate my friends, because you are the creator of your life, and I would want you to create and attract the very best.

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57 days are left in this year,  so go out and create something amazing with a high vibration!


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