Happy Wednesday!!!
“Out Dream Yourself”
If you want to create something important in your life, especially if it feels out of your control because it involves another person, (i.e. finding a partner, making that big sale, or losing a lot of weight), here is the most important question to ask yourself——-> What would make it inevitable???
In the case of dating, I told my client, to go get her man, to go on 100 dates in a short period of time to find him. Guess what? She is exclusively dating an amazing person.
In the case of landing a big sale, a client and I have discussed that he make 1,000 offers before the end of the year, to land that sale he worries and dreams about. He has 4 hot leads right now.
What can YOU produce or do that would make it inevitable you would create that result, even if it involves another person? What would you have to do to ensure that you would lose all your weight?
Really consider that question…..
Lastly, make sure your mindset is in place with confident and unstoppable thoughts. My favorite is “I am committed to doing this no matter what” and watch your brain work to make that happen! Even and especially on the weeks that you may happen to gain a pound, or go on a terrible date, or get 10 rejections. That ‘No matter what’ mindset will see you through those times where most people throw in the towel.
Stay tuned…… I am super excited to be opening up spots for an Elite level “Stop overeating masterclass”  based on high-level weight loss tools that I have been studying for many years. The program is designed to help the participants lose weight over the holidays instead of gaining. It will help the members lose and keep their weight off permanently while learning fun and transformative  coaching tools that will change their lives. Space will be limited so make sure to jump on it when it becomes available.
I have 1 spot open this month for a complimentary mini-session for individual coaching to solve any problem. Click here to schedule.  
Train your mind as hard as you train your body to feel better and in this case obtain a big stretch goal. Do it my friends! You won’t regret it.
Have a great day!



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