Last week I presented you with part 1 of how to achieve the results that you want by recognizing that whatever you think you are going to feel when you get that result you hope for is the currency to achieve it. I talked about the example of wanting to be thin, or at your goal weight, recognizing that, if you think you will feel beautiful when you are thin, then you have to feel beautiful to get thin. Another example is if you believe you have to have a very successful business to be confident, then you have to feel confident to have a successful business. It sounds counterintuitive to many, but it’s actually the key to achieving the results you crave. Game changer, remember?

Part 2 is practicing having an abundance mentality. This means that you love what you have NOW but want more only if you choose to. Most of us don’t spend any time wanting what we already have and only want from a place of scarcity. We only want what we can’t have. The scarcity mentality is fear-based and does not promote positive change. It is so much better to want something you can BELIEVE you can have than to want something and believe you can’t get it.



The abundance mentality helps us get more of what we want while wanting what we already have. Let’s take dating for example. Some of my clients who want to be in a fulfilling relationship deep down believe that there are not any good men or women left out there (scarcity) and worse, believe that they cannot attract the man or woman of their dreams (yikes, more scarcity). Conversely, it’s totally different mindset and feeling to believe that there are amazing men and women out there and that you can attract them. These beliefs (from abundance) come from an empowered and confident place and increase the likelihood of success. So, when the client with the scarcity mindset has a bad date, they use it as evidence to support their thought that there aren’t any good ones out there. Whereas the client with the abundant mindset has the bad date but views the right person as someone that’s still out there.

One of the best strategies to ignite abundance is to make a list of 25 things that you want in your life and to include several items that you already have on the list. This is different than gratitude because wanting is a different emotion. Wanting creates desire and passion. Today, I spent some time really “wanting” my mini-van that has heated seats and it’s 10 degrees outside. Consciously wanting provided me a greater sense of excitement and appreciation for warmth from the cold.

I challenge you to create a list of wants to include things, or relationships that you already have and cherish in your life. Throughout the day, spend a little time in the space of desiring them all over again. Then for the items you do not have, get specific. What do you want and why? Consider whether you believe that you can get those things, and if not, dig deep to find the belief system holding you back from achieving it. If you are ready to apply these two steps with the help of your fellow thought coach, don’t wait, I only have one complimentary mini-session spot available this month, schedule @ to grab it. If you have already done this work, please share these posts with a friend or family member, so they too can learn how to train their mind to feel better.




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