If you want something, I mean really, really want something you have two options………

The first option is to want it and to hope it will happen. This option is very safe. It is very comfortable and the likelihood that you will NOT obtain the result you want is very high. Why? Because it requires very little action and very little effort. We can play small here by watching and learning and not doing.

Many people read tons of articles, and books, watch endless webinars on losing weight, or earning more money, or having a better relationship. Doing this can feel like you are working towards that goal, but really it is just a passive way to consume knowledge but remain inactive.

Some people go their whole lives wanting something, hoping it will happen, but it never does. We stay overweight, we struggle to get by, and our relationships stagnate. Then many of us will use the knowledge we learned to beat ourselves up because “now we know better,” but we are not taking any action to remedy it. If you are someone who has lived far too long in the land of want and hope, check out option number 2…….

Option number 2 is to Commit to it. This means you take MASSIVE action to get the result you want, making the possibility of failure almost impossible. It requires total discomfort because all of our fears and self-doubt can be exposed. Now we are actually on the ledge ready to jump and are not just safe at home watching a video of someone else doing it.

This is where a skilled Life & Weight Coach like myself can come in. I help you embrace this discomfort and work through it until you get your goal. It also requires you to get out there and do the work. To create an eating plan that works for you and stick to it while learning how to allow urges to eat crappy foods and drink wine without answering to it.

To make a thousand sales calls that will help you get that one sale, or learn how to choose love when all you want to do ..yell at your mate. It’s hard work, but the hard makes it worth it. It gives you strength, and momentum to climb otheand obtain other goals.

Watching someone else do it on tv in the comfort of your own home just doesn’t cut it. Are you ready to take the leap but need help with the discomfort? I am here to help. So, what are you waiting for? Claim your free mini-session spot here.




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