Don’t get me wrong I love helping men and women lose weight. I love watching them literally change in front of my eyes week after week. I can see my clients physically transform, and I get so excited when they send me food logs that include lower numbers on the scale. This is awesome, but is not the best part.

The process that it takes to get the weight off and what they do after they get to their goal weight, is the best part. When someone coaches with me they learn tools and skills that help them not only lose weight, but transform their lives once they get to their goal. So many of my clients, and myself included, spent years obsessing about losing, gaining, losing again, and maintaining weight loss, that there was little time and mental energy left to excel in other areas of our lives.

When you coach with me, you learn skills like mindfulness, meditation, how to embrace and seek out discomfort, manage urges, manage your mind, self-love, self-acceptance, and how to prevent self-sabotage. We practice these on the journey towards permanent weight loss and once that is locked in, a new space opens up to apply these skills to other areas of your life. There is time, energy, and new found knowledge and action steps ready and waiting.

One of my clients who lost 30 pounds is now applying some of the skills she learned to tackle her long-standing tendency to overdrink on the weekends. She knows how to create a weekend drinking plan, manage urges, and train her mind to take control of alcohol. Another client who lost her last 10 pounds is managing her money better and, learning how to say no to unnecessary purchases. These women are loving themselves more, and in turn honoring past commitments they make to themselves. They know how to choose discomfort on purpose and are now watching their lives explode. Once they find control in these arears, I am sure they will move on to the next area of improvement and will continue to excel all over again.

Self-coaching is the best way I know how to put all the years of self-development and psychology into use. The self-coaching MODEL that I was taught that changed my life and my clients’ lives is waiting to change yours. I won’t lie, it isn’t a magic pill, or a quick fix, but it is the best way I know how to go from GOOD to GREAT. To not only lose some pounds, but to create space for peace, growth, and freedom. Great part is, it isn’t just for weight loss. Instead, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If you are ready to take that leap and watch your life explode, contact me here.







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