For many years, food was the most exciting part of my day. This started as a child and went unchecked for many years until the weight started accumulating and my energy started depleting.  I would look forward to what was in my lunch, what we might have for dinner. I looked forward to dinner and drinks out. This led to so much focus on food and overeating which lead to weight gain and upset. When I made the commitment to get leaner, stronger, and to eat for fuel vs. pleasure, I must admit there was a sense of loss for all the excitement I thought food provided for me. 

Then I re-evaluated and asked myself, do I really want the best part of my day to be food? Do I want food to be my main source of excitement? For me and for many of my clients it was a HELL NO!!! This changed everything. You see our brains seek pleasure by design, but I pledged to dial back my pleasure eating and increase excitement for natural pleasures instead. Natural pleasures are things you do that are pleasurable without a negative consequence on the back end. No hangovers, no major scale fluctuations, no more drama. A walk with my adorable dog, a hike with a good friend, fresh flowers from the grocery store, and a sweaty workout only provide positive consequences the next day.

I challenged myself, and now I challenge my clients to get creative and perform at least one activity that provides natural pleasure every single day.Their choices continue to inspire me. Some examples include:

*Lattes from local coffee shops

*Natural skin and bath products with amazing scents and flavors

*Using those fancy dishes that we normally save for special occasions

*Drinking water in wine glasses

*Date nights that don’t include just going out to eat 

*Exercise for fun, not just a calorie burn

*Guided meditations using calming apps

*Live comedy shows

*Writing music

Walking my dog is one of my favorite natural pleasures

The list goes on and on. For many of us, we get excitement from food, or alcohol, or toxic relationships. Yet don’t stop to re-evaluate if we really want our main excitement to continue to come from these activities. So I ask you now: What do you want to excite you?For me, it has been for my growing coaching business where I am so passionate about inspiring people to change their lives. It is seeing how far I can push myself outside my comfort zones in my workouts. It is in relationships. This is where I intentionallyget my excitement from.

If anything, I encourage you to at least evaluate where you get your pleasure from and decide if this will continue to serve you and your purpose. Often, we start habits for one reason early in life and don’t stop to evaluate if we want to keep them.  If you want to lessen your desire for food, alcohol, a toxic relationship or anything else that may be holding you back from living your best life, then reach out. Sometimes we have to let go of who we are now to become the person we want to be.

Now I eat to power up to fuel my body, I schedule some pleasure eats, and blow my own mind in business, in the gym, and at home. These activities are so much more exciting and pleasurable then the food I use to eat.

I would love to help you find your natural bliss and let go of the false pleasures that may be holding you back.

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Melanie Shmois, LISW-S, MSSA, Certified Life and Weight Coach
Mental Trainer for high performers who want to take control of their lives by learning how to manage their minds.

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