I’ve been coaching a lot of business owners on their beliefs about money and what is possible for them. Much like weight loss, there are so many beliefs that we have carried over from our childhood that may have helped us then, but are holding us back now. In this blog today, I ask that you consider and maybe challenge your own beliefs about money, especially if you don’t have the income that you want.  Why? Because I want you to have money. Money does not buy happiness, but it does solve a lot of problems. In addition, with money, you can buy more time and with that extra time you can do things that you love and maybe help some people in the process.

All of the money that you have right now is a result of your thinking. We are only limited by our mind. I use to believe, like many other people, that wealth came proportionally from the amount of time and effort I put into something. I also believed that I could only make a set amount of income based on my experience and education level. This had me pursing master’s programs and varoius jobs that supported these theories. What I have come appreciate is that money does not come from time and effort, but rather from the VALUE that I create. The more value I create for you and my clients, the more money will come back to me. 

So, I then asked myself, where is value created? Value is created in our minds. It comes from the innovative ideas we come up with. For me, I am always thinking of fun, mind-blowing ways I can serve my clients. Creating value in the world is one of the best feelings you can experience. The pursuit should not be to the money, rather in creating value and being of service in whatever industry you are in.

Value creates money, our mind creates value, so it is transformational to understand that if you spend time taking care of your mind by doing this type of thought work and produce something of tremendous value to other people, then there is no limit to the amount of money and abundance you and I can create.

Take a moment to consider what you think about your current income. The answer will reveal some of your current money beliefs. These beliefs will create feelings inside of you and those feelings will determine what actions you take, or don’t take to create more wealth in your life. I encourage you to consciously decide how you want to think and feel about money knowing that it is ultimately created with your thinking. What do you want your thoughts about money to be? What if no one knew? What thoughts would you want to have about money?

Find ways to be of service and create value whether you work in a corporate setting, a gym, a bar, or own your own store. I promise if you over- deliver and create massive value, money will flow back to you in ways you wouldn’t anticipate. If you need help interrupting some of beliefs that are holding you back, I am here ready to serve I have also created a worksheet for you to uncover your personal money beliefs, email me and I will forward you a copy.

P.S. I don’t believe in waiting until the new year to create something great, so a friendly reminder that we have 50 days left in 2018, go out and create something amazing!!!!!

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