I was asked to be a speaker at an ‘upgrade your mindset’ event a few weeks back and I thought it was profound how many participants came up to me afterwards to hear more about my comment that “we need to spend more time on creating a belief plan than on an action plan”.

A few of the participants were surprised when I suggested that they throw out their to-do lists and worry more about creating a thought list. Here’s why.

Our thoughts create our results, and not our actions alone. Instead of spending so much time and energy creating an action plan or a lengthy to-do list, create a belief plan to get the results that you crave. In other words, you have to commit to spend specific time thinking about how to become the person that has achieved what are trying to achieve BEFORE you take action. 

Many of audience members were spending endless hour perfecting their websites, online offers, and marketing material and zero time believing in themselves or in their businesses. You have to go out in the world and do things that the person who believes they are successful would do, and then take the action the way that person would take the action. 

For example, you have to be the fit person in your mind first and then take action as the fit person would to become the fit person. You have to be a highly paid entrepreneur and then take action as the highly paid entrepreneur to get paid as one. 

Creating fancy spreadsheets, or reading about getting fit, or watching videos online about the best diet plan will not get you there. I remember what it was like to exercise when I didn’t see myself as an active person, but I had more success when I thought of myself of a fit person and tailored my behavior to how that fit person would work out, eat and think.

Consider what goals you have right now and then ask “What could I think today to go out and create what I want in this moment? What would I need to think to fuel me into clarity, motivation, and excitement?

Creating a belief plan is crucial to your success

Write these down and practice believing them every day.  In addition, the more you take action from the belief plan, the more the beliefs solidify. This is more important than your to-do list. 

I practice believing that my backlog of clients is full, that my clients want what I have to offer, that maintaining weight loss is easy, that this is my moment. 

What is on your belief plan?________________________

I am in the belief business, and if you are struggling to get a result then let’s create a compelling belief plan together. It will change everything. 

You most likely know what actions to take, and it is belief that will help you achieve it. 

Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S
Certified Life & Weight Coach
Mental trainer for high performer with 18 years of experience in mental health transformation


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