Have you had the same New Year’s resolution year after year? Exercise more consistently, eat clean, stop overdrinking, lose weight? Year after year you commit to some version of this same goal, only to lose steam and fall of course somewhere at the end of quarter one? Then you forget about it all together until December rolls around and you start to beat yourself up for falling short. Of course, then the cycle resumes. Sound familiar?

I’ve been there and so have many of my clients. Coaching helps break this cycle because it gets to the true cause of overeating, overdrinking, and resistance.

The secret is your thoughts, feelings, and actions must all be in alignment for you to get this done. I often see people choose amazing action plans. They join the best gyms in town, hire the best trainers, and even sign up for clean eating plans. But they still fall short because their thoughts and feelings are not aligned. You must have the beliefs and feelings to match your plan. If I believe deep down that I will never be thin, for example, if I join weight watchers and boot camp classes, eventually I will sabotage these efforts because my old belief system will rise up (often times unconsciously) and I will abandon these practices to stay in line with my original belief. This is where coaching transforms. We unearth the belief systems that are holding you back, dismantle them, and practice new ones BEFORE we take action.

We don’t hit that gym, purchase those predesigned meals, or fancy shakes until we are in alignment on all fronts. This will save you time, effort, money and, most importantly, end this vicious cycle. 

What is really exciting, and sometimes scary, for my clients is to consider what their goals and aspirations are for 2020 if we solve the long-standing hold ups in 2019. What would you focus on if we improved on what’s been holding you back all of these years? More money? Better sex? Stronger relationship? An epic career goal? This is where life gets so interesting, exciting, and sometimes scary.

If you are ready to end this struggle and finally get to that long-standing goal, resolution, and create a new one for the next decade, let’s stop waiting and let’s get it done.

I have 3 spots open in the Life Lounge, which is a sacred space and hour for us to review your resolutions, coach through obstacles, and create a clear plan for 2019. Creating goals with a coach, what could be better?

This also makes for an amazing gift this holiday season for you or a loved one. Please share the gift of coaching. It is life-changing.

Let’s get it done in 2019 so we can get creative in 2020.

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