Instill your WINNING mentality into every aspect of your life.

Imagine loving the feeling of being at home as much as you enjoy your success at work, or developing your personal relationships with the same confidence and skill-level you exhibit in the boardroom. Picture returning home from the road with no dread, guilt, or frustration. 

You can truly have it all, and as a personal coach for high performers and elite athletes, I can help!

My clients don’t settle for mediocre results at work. Why should they settle for mediocre results anywhere else?

If you feel like something is missing outside of your professional performance, I help get your mind into the best shape of your life.

You wouldn’t skimp on training your body.

Why skimp on training your Mind?

As a High-Performance Coach in Cleveland, OH, my job is to help you find the missing link needed to transform you into the best version of yourself.

I can help you master your emotional intelligence and unlock the personal power that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life!

Professional Bio.

With over two decades of experience helping people reach their mental and personal goals, I am devoted to helping you achieve your objectives.

I am a certified Life and Weight Coach with Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo at the Life Coach School, as well as a licensed social worker.

I help high performing men and women unlock their personal power and master their emotional intelligence so they can live happier and more fulfilling lives!

behind the scenes.

When I’m not working as a full-time coach and CEO of Mind Your Strength Coaching, LLC, I enjoy exploring my beloved hometown, Cleveland, Ohio with my cherished husband, two beautiful daughters, and two spoiled Boston Terriers.

When I’m not with family, you can often find me at local workout studios that encourage mental and physical wellbeing.  We have an incredible mental health and wellness community in Cleveland!

Latest News

Take Courage in Overcoming Shyness

Take Courage in Overcoming Shyness

According to Google: Shyness is the tendency to feel awkward, worried or tense during social encounters, especially with unfamiliar people. Some people's shyness is so intense that it can keep them from interacting with others even when they want or need to—leading to...

Grow in this Half-way Mark

Grow in this Half-way Mark

As we approach the half-way mark of 2021, I want to remind you to use this as an opportunity to review your yearly goals and check-in to see where you are with them and compare them to where you hoped to be when you created them at the beginning of the year. Think of...

Be Confident of Who You Are

Be Confident of Who You Are

When working with high-achievers who have struggled with perfectionism one common theme I see time and time again is what I call: comparisonitis. This is when someone compares themselves to someone else, typically in the same field or has a similar business structure...

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